Build a Store With a Payment Gateway in ASP.NET by tutsplus

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Course Description

Every online store needs a shopping cart and a way to take payment from the customer. In this course, you’ll build a storefront that lets customers make purchases. We’ll focus on the data model, maintaining state for the customer’s shopping cart. Then we’ll integrate Braintree into our application for processing the financial transactions.

What You’ll Learn

  • Build a simple storefront with the StoreController, a data model, and a service layer for working with products.
  • Build a shopping cart with the ability for customers to view the cart and create orders.
  • Set up payment processing with Braintree.

About the Instructor

Jeremy McPeak started his development career on the client side, writing JavaScript and DHTML components in his spare time. He has co-written several books, such as Professional Ajax 1st Edition, Professional Ajax 2nd Edition, and Beginning JavaScript 3rd and 4th editions. You can check out his website.