WP Development Workflow by cdils

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Course Description:

Level up your professional WordPress developer workflow with this 3-part course covering everything from setting up your local development environment to deploying your site to a live server.

What You’ll Learn:

Develop locally with DesktopServer Learn how DesktopServer Blueprints enables you to set up your perfect starter site over and over, with just a couple of clicks.

Version control your code with Git Git development workflow with command line or a GUI (Sourcetree, Git GUI, Tower, etc.)

Use Gitflow for hotfixes and releases Leverage all the benefits of feature branch workflow by assign specific roles to branches and more.

Bring existing sites under version control Git isn’t just for new projects. Learn how to use version control on already active projects.

Keep a local site synced with live Make changes to your files locally and re-deploy to a live site.

Keep a live database synced with local Pull down your live database, make changes, and re-deploy to a live site.

Work with Sass, Bourbon, and Neat Learn to use code libraries to leverage existing styles for faster site styling.

Work with Grunt, Bower, and more Familiarize yourself with a suite of workflow development tools to help manage code libraries and automate repetitive tasks.

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